The “Mavroelia” of Artemisio, a centuries-old olive tree, because of its physical dimensions and age (over 2,500 years), according to the study of AUTh Professor Sotirios Panagiotopoulos, is a natural monument that is inextricably linked to the history of the place. The emblematic olive tree in the ancient olive grove during the Turkish tenure were made execution points with the hanging of rebellious inhabitants of the settlements of the area. The folk tradition wants the black-clad menades, women, to mourn around the olive tree, sisters of those executed and for this reason she was named MAVROELIA or ELIA MAVROMANTILA.

According to the local legend, on the hill of Paleochori after sunset, screams and mourning are heard, transporting to this day the memories from the martyrdom period.

Toponyms, such as KOURBATSI (vourdoulas), Pretori (court), KREMALA (hangers) retain the memory of the hardness of the Turkish of Artemisio.